Desensitized by hysteria?

Several days ago, dance music duo The Chainsmokers released a new track called “Sick Boy”, which still sounds like most of their other stuff (maybe not this one). But one line made me pause…

And I’m from the east side of America where we desensitize by hysteria”

Let’s ignore the “east side of America” for now and focus on the important part.

You see, I still have this wonderfully stupid tendency to get really emotional and overthink the tiniest little problems. Obviously I then lose control of the bigger picture and am stuck in an echo chamber of my own creation. Wanting to get out of this self-imposed prison, I become “hysterical” on the inside and panic.

This then leads to something that I would say resembles “desensitization”. I become cynical and disillusioned with whatever I am currently working on because I fear the mass hysteria within me. This might also be projected outwards as anxiousness or just plain irritability.

To battle this, I have been working with a therapist and I am getting significantly better through the practice of gratitude and careful discipline when I feel the onset of this internal hysteria. I don’t let the hysteria take over and thus lead to desensitization. I need to think things through, but I can’t let them take control in the form of hysteria.

After all, it’s much easier to get angry on the inside than to ACTUALLY start working out on a solution to a problem.

I don’t know exactly what they meant when they wrote that line but I feel it’s something like “In the east, we use the hysteria as a way to desensitize ourselves and not face the demons within ourselves.”

I no longer want to do that.

Do you?



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