Will you “die” with me?

If you asked me yesterday whether I would download a paid app called “Die with me”, I would have definitely been disgusted and confused. Today, I downloaded it to my phone.


Of course, this app isn’t about actual death. It’s actually about the death of your cell phone battery. Over the past few years, I have become somewhat addicted to my phone and this simple little app let’s me enjoy those final few moments of battery life with other strangers from around the world.

The idea is so simple, that I am surprised nobody has done this before. It comes from the mind of Belgian concept artist Dries Depoorter, who also designed a way to just listen to random people on the other side of the world by plugging into the ground or see the number of people who HAVE NOT watched your Youtube video.

So, will you die with me tonight? 🔋⚡💖


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