I used to believe meditation was something only for special people. I couldn’t possible do that! Well, a few months back I was proven wrong thanks to a simple technique I learned and continue practice to this day.

Although I don’t remember the exact process and I obviously don’t remember the name, all I can remember is that I immediately associated it with a character called Zenyatta from the video game Overwatch:


Zenyatta has these 9 orbs, which he either uses to damage his oponents or heal his allies in the game. He is an omnic (robotic) monk, who shares wonderful wisdom during gameplay like “Always strive for improvement” or “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you’re headed”.

But what does this have to do with meditation?

zenyatta circle.gif

Well, the technique I was introduced to had me just sitting down on the floor or in a chair imagining a red orb coming out of my belly and then traveling downwards, under me, then coming up my back across the top of my head and then back to my belly. Honestly, maybe it was the other way around but I really loved the ease and simplicity of it. I focusing on just one thing and really challenging myself.

Now I use it to calm myself down or just to think through things. I imagine the orb is the problem I am trying to resolve and I juggle it around just to see what happens. Sometimes I bring in more orbs for fun but I tend to prefer the one fire hot red orb.

Do you use a technique like this?

Cover image was drawn by ChasingArtwork




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Hey there. My name is Marcel Klimo and I spend most of my days managing projects, designing stuff or speaking publicly about my work and obsessions. I am obsessed with games and designing ways to build a more playful world. In my free time, I am either with my daughter and wife, watching scifi or playing too much of the online game Overwatch.

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