Single Screen Focus

I am often confused when I see people using more than one monitor for work. Why do you need it? And isn’t is just an excuse to have Youtube or Facebook running on one of the screens … and on the smaller one, right?

It is easy to understand that in some visually creative jobs, it might be useful to have two monitors right next to each other to have a larger area to work.

I undestand. Do it. More power to you.

But the second screen is not for watching Youtube. The second screen is not for binge watching the latest season of Stranger Things. The second screen is for more space to focus on one thing!

Humans are tremendously bad at multi-tasking. No matter how much you think, that you can multitask, you can’t. Just stop. Please.

Or just throw out that second monitor and tell me how you feel after a week.

Or keep it, if you want to keep pissing off your boss at work. That works too … if you want to be one of the first to get fired when the robots come to take your job.

PS: I still fail at this sometimes and I have found that putting a nice peaceful wallpaper or having just a music app there helps.






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