Two days ago, I discovered a short clip of a baby building a tower out of blocks. The face of pure joy on that kid was amazing. Just look at her smile!

My daughter is now seven months old. She is starting to crawl and play around with many different toys. It is amazing to see her smile and laugh at seemingly simple and basic things. Whether it is just a toy that rattles or lifting up a toy to reveal another one, she finds joy and delight in literally everyday things.

I have been training myself to do the same through gratitude. When I feel down or if something doesn’t turn out right, I intentionally stop and think about all the things that ARE going right. I have a home, beautiful daughter, enough food to eat, more than enough to drink, clothes on my back and luxuries my grandparents could only dream about when they were kids.

And sometimes I bring back the joy of childhood and treat myself to some Lego 😉


What brings joy to you, dear reader?

Published by marcelklimo

Hey there. My name is Marcel Klimo and I spend most of my days managing projects, designing stuff or speaking publicly about my work and obsessions. I am obsessed with games and designing ways to build a more playful world. In my free time, I am either with my daughter and wife, watching scifi or playing too much of the online game Overwatch.

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