Is Ravenfield better than Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Couple of days ago, I was just randomly browsing Steam and discovered a little gem called Ravenfield. Unlike many shooters, which are coming out these days, this game is purely focused on singleplayer gameplay. You either play as the blue or red team on a map of your choice with as many bots as your computer can handle. I can play comfortably on most maps at around 200 bots, which is kinda crazy when you get into a firefight and order around your massive army!


Although the game is still in Early Access on Steam, there is already a lot to play around with on multiple maps. Some of the maps were obviously inspired by the Battlefield series, especially the original Battlefield 1942, which will turn 16 years old this year!

I used to play the hell out of the original Battlefield 1942, so Ravenfield is massive throwback to those days. Even back then, I used to play a lot with bots, so I don’t even mind that this a purely singleplayer experience. The developer has said that multiplayer will never come, but I would love to play a mode where the opponent is lead by another player. Maybe some day.

What I love most about the game are the mods. The game is visually very simple, so putting out cool new maps is fairly easy. Since the game’s launch, modders have been hard at work adding new cool stuff into the game and I just have to share one the most bizzare and awesome mods I have found so far.

It is based on the battle on the planet Hoth from Star Wars Empire Strikes Back. You either play as the blue Rebels or the red Empire but since the map still uses a lot of original Ravenfield assets, you have World War II planes fighting Apache helicopters as Snowtrooper try to occupy the Rebel base. This is most bizarre frickin thing I ever thought I would play. Just check out some gameplay below 😀

So is it better than the controversial Battlefront II released last year? Obviously not. And Lucasfilm might shut down mods and maps like this Hoth one over time. In the meantime, I am looking forward to a ton of fun, albeit confusing gameplay in the Star Wars universe.

There are MANY different maps to play around with aswell and I really hope the game continues to add in cool features over time. Singleplayer campaign is coming up soon, so I wonder what that will be like. It is very likely I will be posting more about this game.

I have definitely found my first guilty pleasure of 2018 😉

You can get your hands on it on Steam right now

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