Recently I listened to an interview with a Canadian professor of psychology Jordan B Peterson, who came up with a fun little theory about cravings for sweets.

As you probably know, our body is literally infested with bacteria. They help us digest food from the moment it enters out mouth and keep us healthy in many different ways. Since most bacteria are fairly simple organisms, they usually just feed off one or two substances. If you eat a certain food more often, you overfeed some bacteria and help them reproduce. In the process, you kill off entire colonies of others.

So let’s imagine that there is a special type of sugar-loving bacteria that just loves to gobble up some of that sweet sugar. If I overeat with shitty food and candy, they reproduce and occupy my digestive tract. As they grow, they either wipe out or significantly reduce the population of happy salad-loving and Starbucks-sipping hipster bacteria. So I’m left with a stomach full of sugar junkies with bad teeth screaming at me like a perverted version of the poor boy Oliver Twist:


So next time I see that Snickers bar at the supermarket or want to pick up that extra large Coke at McDonalds, I can choose to listen to my sugar overlords or I can choose to listen to the hipsters and grab some of that kale or bacon.

While this still just a theory and scientists might never clinically prove if these sugar overlords in my gut can actually give me sugar cravings, but it is nice to imagine and play along with this little game.

Will I let the overlords win or fight?

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Hey there. My name is Marcel Klimo and I spend most of my days managing projects, designing stuff or speaking publicly about my work and obsessions. I am obsessed with games and designing ways to build a more playful world. In my free time, I am either with my daughter and wife, watching scifi or playing too much of the online game Overwatch.

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