[Marcel has] the ability to always ask the perfect question at the perfect moment. That question goes right to the core of the problem you are trying to crack for weeks.

Andrej Mikula
Founder of TimeManagement.sk

Marcel always looks for ways to get things done more effectively and he's got a right mix of skills to bring ideas into reality.

Martin Lukačovsky
Team Leader at AT&T

Marcel is a great, very clever and straight forward thinking person who can very easily find the right solution for your problems or requirements.

Imrich Tatiersky
Change Management Leader at Slovnaft

Marcel is one of the best speakers I have worked with. Can't wait for next seminars!

Martina Vyskočova
Founder of MVAcademy
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How does it work?

You have a Website or App

And I am here to work with you and your team to increase

Together we will improve your

By focusing on your users’ problems and
motivating your team members to solve them

What is next?


First meeting

An introductory meeting where you will tell me about your company, products and what you expect from me
Schedule first meeting


Product or Company Audit

In-depth analysis of what seems to be working and what is holding your product or company back from growing


Design & Planning

Based on the audit and your goals, I will work closely with you and your team to develop a growth plan and specifications



Changes or new features will be implemented by your team or an external team (e.g. programmers or artists) under my supervision



I will work with your team to compare the impact of the changes with the status in the audit. If further changes are needed, they will be implemented.

I am also available for

Reach out to me

To: marcel@marcelklimo.com

To check my availability, please send me a message, call me or contact me via social networks. My agent or I will get back to you as soon as possible.